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PM8 - PMS Cycle Support
  • PM8 - PMS Cycle Support

    PM8 - Origin: A discussion over strength output during a woman’s period sparked a debate and a detailed look into how women are adversely affected during this time and what could be done.

    What started as a project to help aid the body during this time to help endurance and sustain a feeling of well being.

    The work soon got much more detailed as the information coming in was as varied as you'd expect but also the depth and complexity of the symptoms called for a far more inclusive approach to the project.

    This needed to be not just women in sports, but for all women.

    A look into remedies, anecdotal evidence as well as studies brought together a list of potential ingredients that could help. Working through these, the dosages and implications of their combination took some time. With a list of over 23 ingredients, this was worked down to 10 plus an absorption agent. Dosages then refined. Synergy has always been at the forefront of this process and the “less is more” approach yielded a far better result than anticipated within the first quarter of trialling. 

    Feedback started to come in and that's where Charis Cook a coach and athlete from the USA and our own Worlds Strongest Woman U63 Shannon Clifford noted a shift in how they felt as well as also the lessening of symptoms leading up to their periods.


    In the case of Charis she wrote the following for that weeks feedback "It's honestly kind of a miracle. I'm 38 years old. I have not experienced this noticeable change in symptoms ever, let alone this quickly."

    Since with Shannon she has posted her own story along with PM8 experience on her instagram channel which is available here.