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About us cont.

This all started as a way to firstly keep me sane and then once i'd found my feet, keep me in competition. The travel, the training and especially the kit when you don't have it can be expensive to buy. It started with a couple of t-shirts here and there... enough to buy a basic log to train. But travelling even to training was becoming a strain on the old soccer bag I had.  I looked for a bag big enough, tough enough for all the kit i'd been using not to mention the shoes required, nothing!

So I decided to design my own. The CaveMan kitbag v1.0 was designed way back in January 2016 but came to life in August 2016. I'd had to have 20 made as a minimum order and so far "my own" bag was quite expensive. A few friends bought a bag but it wasn't until I rocked up to my first competition that they got noticed. They went down a storm. Within a few of months I'd sold out. But I also saw room for improvement, as well as some graphical changes, materials needed to be premium and the inclusion of the dedicated and insulated snack pocket was a must. the v2.0 was a beautiful thing.

Some minor refinements made the current v2.1 one of the most popular strongman bags available today. They've been used and seen from local competitions to Strongman Champions League, SummerMania, Wales Strongest Man, Englands Strongest Uk's Strongest Man (no fewer than 6 athletes using CaveMan Kit Bags) , Europes Strongest Man and even Worlds Strongest Man with both Robert Oberst and the legend that is Laurence Shahlaei.

It doesn't stop there as Affinity have had the pleasure of designing for the exceptional Donna Moore, an Arnolds Winner, a World Record Holder and two times Worlds Strongest Woman. 

With CaveMan Kitbags now reaching 6 countries and used by a multitude of athletes it was time Affinity ploughed some money back into new products. the caps i had always worn were in demand so they now exists as a beautifully embroidered high quality snap back... but its August 2018 that two years after the introduction of the KitBags that sees something as important and as exciting, Primal A.F.

Primal (as fuck) is Affinity's foray into the supplement world. It's been a year in the making and as with all Affinity products no corners cut. You expect the best so we've delivered. 

Affinity is growing but remains true to its genesis, this is for us and the sport.


Something worth remembering... Affinity has and always will be a passion project. It may be a business but it has and will forever be ran because I fucking love what I do. This will no doubt lead to mistakes along the way as i run with heart over head, but it won't ever happen because of a lack of want or lack of care. Affinity is me, the CaveMan is me... but TeamAffinity is us and the CaveMan mentality is something that make "us" better and more complete.

Let's make sure we are there for one another, no one ever lifts your bar but very few of use would be here without the support, influence, guidance or inspiration of another... so lets keep this simple.

Train hard, lift heavy and don't be a dick.


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