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Digital Donation to "Church" Training hall project.

Digital Donation to "Church" Training hall project.

Marcus has secured a small but dedicated space to both use for specific training as well as continuing to support and educate within his sector.


The “Church” idea itself is far bigger than this proof of concept but the opportunity to start something small scale and also digital post WPC finals was too good an opportunity to turn down.


Whilst everyone has had their trench over the past few years. It’s taken a lot to get back to normal. This could be a bridge too far. But felt I would see if people were able to support me as I have done so in my 8 years in the sport.


Church itself will be an extension of my work and beliefs over three decades of sport. The training facility whilst private will occasionally host elite athletes and individuals where information and education can be delivered to a wider audience.


Locally it will be used to take a small section of the community and get them to a competition level and enhance their confidence and standing within a sport they may have felt beyond them.


It’s my wish to develop this proof of concept over the coming years into a larger facility that can welcome people from all over the country as well as international guests. Preparing them for both the rigours of high level competition but also the life that comes with seeking this end goal. A place to learn, grow and pay forward.


This is my place to preach all that I’ve learned from my years and pay forward what I have gleaned from elite athletes the world over and from a multitude of disciplines.


Brick by brick we grow. And your purchase places your name on a brick in the “church”. As a visual reminder of the strength and support in a community I have given everything I have to.


Your donation goes to building, maintenance and updating of specific kit needed.


A 3d printed name goes on to a brick withing the building



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