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AffinityFit ProBiotic 101
  • AffinityFit ProBiotic 101

    SKU: ProB101

    A ProBiotic made back in early 2019 predominately for travelling athletes as an aid for better gut health and digestion when abroad. It was taken on by two of the current athletes to aid them throughout the season with fantastic results.


    Having had tubs available, they soon made their way to friends and those looking for some gut support. That personal stash soon ran out and under pressure to make more as was the success of the results, it was decided to release this to the general public.


    So ProBiotic 101 is here. A full dosage in a majority of instances can often be overkill so I recommend starting with just two capsules. Best taken along with food and when possible at the same time each day. Do not take with hot drinks.

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