Primal One
  • Primal One

    The Primal Range has covered a lot of ground in a short time. The original AF the staple diet of the strongman, Core enhancing what can be done with a 5g scoop and "core" ingredients. Then there was RLF... a competition tool more than a pre workout and used in every major competition by some of the shining lights of world strongman and strongwoman. Inside 6 months of its release it had been seen at Arnold's, Europe's and the Worlds Strongest Man.

    Never intended to be more than a limited run, this proof of concept has helped pave the way for Primal One. A trinity of stimulants, each serves a purpose to enhance the performance of the athlete. The signature of the Primal formulas has always been to leave the athlete in control; the responsibility is to allow focus to be the primary goal. When moving extreme weight we want our athletes to have unrivalled confidence and control, but there's a little chaos added to Primal One. Expect brutality.

    Please DO NOT exceed 1 and a half scoops.

    Available in two flavours and 30 servings... 

    Please not