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C**k Punch "Just f-ing Daft"

C**k Punch "Just f-ing Daft"

These are daft... we've written it on the bottle. Why do you ever need salts this strong?

C**k Punch salts from Affinity are quite frankly madness, where Kick In the D!ck is a great tool for the job. These are just so you silly f**ckers can see who is capable of actually standing after tricking a friend into trying them... all except that one dude who will actually sniff these from an inch. We don't look at him... seriously, don't ever look at him.


These salts are serious. This the warning part and I urge you to take note... treat with extreme caution, if unsure please do not buy them, they are both ludicrously potent and can be dangerous. Like a punch in the c**k from Tyson.

In purchasing these you accept full responsibilty for any outcome and acknowledging the dangers associated.

If in any doubt whatsoever, buy Kick in the D!ck instead.

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