Affinity Fit Pump-101
  • Affinity Fit Pump-101

    Let it burn, let it grow. 


    Pump-101 is a stim free Pump product from Affinity Fit. The same bods that are behind the Affinity CaveMan strongman supplement range and those Kitbags you may or may have not seen.

    Flying Saucers is the flavour!


    Affinity Fit is for everyone looking to grow a little muscle, get a little fitter, train a little harder and get a result from their purchases.


    The same ethics are applied to Affinity Fit as to the CaveMan ranges… make supplements for those that work hard and make supplements that do their job.


    Fitness is our escape and there is a responsibility on those that make for this industry to make for the end result and the want of the user.


    Pump-101 is our second formula, a pump  focused product with no stim. aimed at those looking for skin stretching pumps and we hope you like it as much as we did testing it and bringing it to market.


    If you are new to Affinity, thank you and welcome to #TeamAffinity

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